Server Installation

Naiya Limited helps you with everything from initial server set up to on-going server management. Everything from Microsoft Server Installation to server hardware management maintenance and upgrades. We can assist with your small business or large organization server installation as well as your exchange server set-up and installation. We also ensure a smooth transition with little to no interruption for your business.

  • Microsoft Servers Installation Services
  • Server Hardware Upgrade Services
  • Virtual (VM-ware – Hyper-V) Servers consulting
  • Exchange Server installation
  • SQL and Database installation
  • Small Business Server Installation
  • Server Management and Maintenance

We offer server installation in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan

SERVER SELECTION: Server installation process begins with a site survey and selection of a suitable server that suits your needs. With an anticipated lifespan of 3 to 5 years, servers are carefully assembled to provide maximum return on your investment.
SERVER MIGRATION: Server migration or replacement process is carefully planned to ensure efficient execution and minimal downtime. We provide assurance to your business that the project is completed in a timely manner with little disruption.
SERVER BACKUP: Your data is important, with this in mind we always recommend backing up your servers. Naiya Limited offers you server backup solutions and monitoring tools to keep of whether are running successfully or failing due to backup errors.
SERVER MAINTENANCE: With the server installation complete, correct maintenance procedures are essential to provide continued efficient operation for your infrastructure and maximum availability and uptime.

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